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Missions and Chickens

Good news! Thanks to the support of many individual donors and a grant from Tyndale House Foundation, we are now helping a group of 25 forcibly displaced women (mostly mothers) expand their chicken business from 460 to 2000 chickens! Learn more by clicking below.

Let there be Chickens!

What do chickens have to do with missions?

We believe that the good news of the kingdom of God touches every aspect of human life. In a cold-hearted world that leaves vulnerable people to fend for themselves outside of the city walls, loving mercy and pursuing justice are  essential to Christian life and ministry.

We desperately want people to know how much our Creator loves them. We also believe that God loves to provide for others through his people. Consider his invitation to partner with him in providing food, water, hospitality, shelter, healing and loving presence to outsiders and strangers in Matthew 25.

Helping Pauline (see Let there be Chickens) and these forcibly displaced friends grow their business without going deeper into debt is a tangible way that God is giving them their daily bread. But their business generates more than helpful income to pull them out of deep poverty. It is strengthening life-giving hope and resilience.

By investing in their poultry business, we are helping them overcome the trauma of their displacement by strengthening their community and increasing their capacity to make ends meet in the midst of extremely difficult circumstances. Furthermore, by getting behind their initiative, we are affirming their dignity and helping them make a meaningful contribution to society. All of this is fueling hope, without which despair can take hold and suffocate the soul.

The fact that these ladies identify themselves as followers of Jesus makes this partnership all the more meaningful. They know that they are not forgotten and alone. The church-at-large is standing with them.

Strengthening life-giving community, faith, emotional well-being, personal capacity and the ability to contribute to society are all important ways that we are helping people recover from forced displacement - and core to the way IAFR pursues our mission along the refugee highway.

Listen to this quick interview with Pauline, the leader of the 25 women co-op, as she talks about the poultry project...

Kenya Poultry Project - IAFR from IAFR on Vimeo.

Click here to learn more about this IAFR project.

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