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A Safe Place

Jonathan House prepares to open in St. Paul, MN

Did you know that in 2016, 262,000 people fled their country due to violence, war and persecution and made their way to the US in search of refuge? These men, women and children are called "asylum seekers".

While asylum seekers are legally allowed to reside in the US and seek refuge,  they are not permitted to work or access government services upon arrival. It can take a year before they receive a work permit. Traumatized and far from home, they are left to navigate the complex asylum system on their own.

How are asylum seekers to survive without permission to work or access to basic government services?

IAFR is partnering with local churches in the Twin Cities to provide safe housing, supportive community and practical assistance for asylum seekers. We call this ministry "Jonathan House". We dedicated the first Jonathan House this month.

40 people gathered in Jonathan House last Thursday to dedicate it to the Lord for his life-giving purposes. At least 4 different churches were represented at the gathering, including 1st Covenant Church of St. Paul, which has made it's parsonage available to serve as the first Jonathan House.

Prayers were offered up in each room, asking God to bless everyone who finds refuge within the house with supportive community, life-giving faith, peace of heart and mind, new skills for their new context and opportunities for meaningful work and service.


Become a financial partner of the Jonathan House ministry today!

Did you know?

According to Human Rights Watch, there are 1,800 asylum seekers in Minnesota today. The United Nations reports that there are over 540,000 pending asylum cases in the US, of which 262,000 were filed in 2016.

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