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Kelsey Briggs | IAFR Italy

We are thrilled to welcome Kelsey Briggs to the IAFR Team! Kelsey is preparing to serve with IAFR in Italy. Read on to learn more about her.

Kelsey graduated from Gordon College in 2017 where she earned a degree in social work. During her time she also studied peace and conflict with an emphasis in community transformation. Through her course work in policy, and mediation, she became passionate about conflict management, peacemaking and reconciliation, and working with displaced people.

After traveling to Europe as an exchange student in 2014, she returned a few years later with a new found curiosity for working with refugees and asylees. While studying in Italy she spent time engaging with displaced people at Il Soggiorno refugee center in Rome where she was compelled by the people she met and the stories she heard. In particular, she found herself amazed by the way she saw God crossing social boundaries, and stepping personally into the lives of forcefully displaced people. When she returned to the U.S. she began working with the Greater Boston Refugee Ministry to implement different models of housing in the Boston area, but remained passionate about the refugee crisis in Europe.

Kelsey continues to grow in her desire to see more just and welcoming communities for those forced to flee their homes, and believes the church plays an integral role in mobilizing followers of Jesus to create these spaces of peace. She is hopeful that communities of peace and thriving can exist despite the deep suffering that pervades the lives of refugees. Her love for refugees, and the Muslim world in particular is ever growing, and she is excited to be serving with IAFR in their work of helping people recover from forced displacement.

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