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Example letter to Congressman

We offer the example letter to a congressman requesting them to speak out against a temporary freeze on the US refugee resettlement program as proposed by the President this month. I encourage you to call or write your senators and representative to speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Dear Representative _________,

As my representative in Congress, I want to express my deep concern regarding President Trump's stated plan to temporarily freeze refugee resettlement and to further complicate the refugee resettlement application process.

By freezing the resettlement process, even temporarily, we are irresponsibly choosing to further burden the developing nations that host 86% of the world's refugee population. Slowing an already slow refugee resettlement system will motivate more desperate people to take dangerous journeys and try to enter countries as asylum-seekers.

It is irresponsible and inhumane on the part of the US to abandon developing nations to carry this burden alone. The America I believe in is a leader - especially when it comes to human rights. I encourage you to give your voice to congress - calling our country to leadership in regards to the global issue of forced displacement that is a defining force of the 21st century.

Please also note that the existing US vetting process related to refugee resettlement is the most thorough in the world. It already takes most refugees at least 2 years to go through the process. It already includes the involvement of key US security agencies.

The average time of forced displacement today is over 17 years. To further complicate the refugee resettlement system is to slow it down and thereby leave desperate people in terrible and uncertain conditions for even longer. History will judge us harshly if this global power acts in fear of the most vulnerable people on the planet.

Please lend your voice and influence to call our country to be a global leader when it comes to respecting universal human rights and finding solutions for the world's forcibly displaced people. Please take a stand against a temporary freeze in US refugee resettlement.

Thank you for your leadership and for your commitment to seek the best for the US and our great state.


Your Name, city and state

IAFR Training

Perhaps you want to serve refugees, but you don't know where or how to begin? Or maybe you are already serving refugees, but feel the need to be better equipped?

IAFR is often sought out to train and consult with people, churches and other agencies serving refugees. We can offer anything from a 3 day intensive refugee ministry training to an hour session focused on one training topic. We designed our training with the local church in mind, but many agencies and individuals have also found it helpful.

You can find upcoming training opportunities our our Training page. If you don't see an opportunity that meets your needs or fits your schedule, please contact us. We will do our best to develop a training opportunity that works for you.

Freezing Refugees?

Don't leave refugees out in the cold!

US President Trump has announced his intention to freeze refugee resettlement by executive action. The US has been a long-time world leader when it comes to refugee resettlement. As the global refugee crisis grows, it is no time for the US to freeze or pull back from its previous commitments offering refuge to the world's most vulnerable people.

Speak up on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. Make your voice heard by signing a petition on the website today.

It will take less than 30 seconds to speak up on behalf of thousands.

Click Here to sign the petition.

The IAFR Toolbox

The IAFR Toolbox is home to well-known ministry resources that we've developed to help you keep well informed as you advocate on behalf of refugees in the world.

That is where you will find the Map of the Refugee Highway, IAFR Publications (including Refugee Realities FAQ), IAFR Multimedia (including Introduction to the Refugee HIghway), book and video recommendations and links to other helpful websites. Why not take a look at the Toolbox today!

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