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Shahrazad (Sherry) Mohamed

It is with joy that we announce that Shahrazad (Sherry) Mohamed has joined our IAFR team! Shahrazad joins our team in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Read on to learn more about our newest colleague!

Sherry is passionate about serving forcibly displaced people in ways that help them recover their dignity. She seeks to empower the Body of Christ to reach out to refugees with God's love by building bridges of friendship and meeting their practical needs.

Sherry was born in Somalia. In 1997, she first learned of the love of God for her and the story of how His Son, Jesus Christ, had given His life for her. She began to seek this God of love. It was in 1998 that she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. In 2000, Sherry and her son fled to the US as asylum seekers.

Sherry has much to offer others. Her faith in Jesus has been tempered by her firsthand experience of walking with God through the experience of prolonged forced displacement. Her seminary training (Asbury Theological Seminary) further informed her faith. Her 12 years with Arrive Ministries (a US refugee resettlement agency affiliated with World Relief) and her training in trauma care (New Ways Ministries and STAR Training) have taught her much concerning how to help others recover from forced displacement and rebuild their lives far from home. On top of all that, Sherry speaks English, Somali and Arabic.

As part of our Minneapolis/St. Paul team, Sherry is helping refugees and asylum seekers recover from forced displacement by extending pastoral care, assisting with local integration and connecting them with supportive community. Sherry also serves as a valuable ministry consultant for IAFR ministries, partners and local churches.

IAFR counts it a privilege to work with Sherry in seeking a long-term solution to her own displacement while continuing in her calling to serve refugees and asylum seekers.

We thank God for leading Sherry to join the IAFR team that is dedicated to the mission of helping people survive and recover from forced displacement!

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Solar Powered Projector!

Our friends at CRU and the Jesus Film Project donated two beautiful solar powered projectors with sound systems and screens. The systems weigh only 20 lbs and pack up nicely into a slick backpack designed to hold everything. They are suitable for crowds of up to 200 people. As they are solar powered (solar panels included), the projectors will work anywhere - inside or out. We delivered the systems in 2017 to our refugee partners in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya) and Dzaleka refugee camp (Malawi). They were blown away!

The projectors come with the Jesus Film and some other CRU video resources in multiple languages on SD cards. The projectors also allow our refugee partners to plug their computers (also donated by IAFR partners in 2017) to use in whatever ways are helpful.

Refugee churches are using the projectors in ways that communicate life-giving faith and that strengthen supportive communities in these difficult contexts.

Europe Refugee Round Table

Photo: IAFR Europe Regional Leader (Paul Sydnor) welcoming this years participants

Around 150 people from diverse countries in Europe are gathering in the Netherlands for a time of learning, networking and mutual encouragement. Everyone is either already engaged in ministry among refugees and asylum seekers in Europe - or they are interested in learning how they can get involved in meaningful ways.

IAFR is well represented and assisting with planning and training during the round table. Whitney Gerdes (Vienna), Doug Marshall (Malta), Paul Sydnor (Lille), Kelsey Briggs (Italy) and Lauren Gaines (Italy) are all participating.

Pray with us as these friends, brothers and sisters consider together how to better express the heart of God to those traveling the Refugee Highway in Europe.

Refugee Graduation

Our refugee partners in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya) held their 2017 KISOM graduation while we there in December. The Ethiopian refugee church in which the ceremony was held was packed. There was a bit of stress at the beginning as the gowns and diplomas had not yet arrived. But they arrived just in time. The man who brought them had taken a bus from Eldoret city - a full day's ride away. But this time the journey took more than a day as the bus broke down en route to Kakuma.

KISOM is the Kakuma Interdenominational School of Mission - founded by United Refugee and Host Churches (URHC), a refugee initiated association of churches established in Kakuma back in 1997. Their vision is to reach the world with the good news of Jesus Christ from Kakuma. Thousands of graduates have gone through the school and are faithfully serving God in the camp as well as in countries both near and far (thanks to refugee resettlement).

IAFR is partnering with URHC to purchase land and erect the first KISOM building. We hope to break ground this year. Click here to learn more about this project.

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