Kenya Poultry Project

helping people survive and recover from forced displacement through income-generation


Join us in developing a poultry project that will provide a regular source of income for 25 households in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) near Kakuma, Kenya.

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Need: An estimated 2,000 men, women and children were settled in this IDP camp after fleeing their homes during post election violence in 2007. Uprooted in their own country, they have nowhere else to go. They live in extreme poverty and suffer from dehydration and malnutrition.

In 2016, a group of 25 women within the IDP community banded together to start a business selling eggs. It is a nitch market as the next nearest supplier of eggs is over 400km from Kakuma. To launch the business, the women took out loans from a local bank to set it all up, complete with their first 450 chickens. They sold their first eggs in September 2016. They have cared well for the chickens and business has been good and they are slowly paying back their loans. Drought in the region caused an increase in the cost of water that has cut into their profit margin. They want to develop their business to an economy of scale to maximize profit and help them lift their families out of extreme poverty. They want to grow their poultry farm to 2,000 chickens.

In consultation with a local humanitarian/development agency (National Council of Churches, Kenya - NCCK), we are confident that the market exists to grow their business and that the women have proven themselves capable of managing the increase of chickens and business.

Lives will be changed. Children will be able to afford school fees. Pregnant mothers, the elderly and very young will be better nourished. Everyone will be able to afford basic medical care.

Goal:  We thank God that in August 2017 we reached our project goal of raising $15,000 and that we are now working with the IDP women as they build the new chicken coops! We thank God for the generous partners who are making this project a reality!

Strategy: We are partnering directly with the IDP women co-op and consulting with our friends at the National Council of Churches, Kenya (NCCK).

Opportunity: You can help answer the prayers of these families by giving to the "Kenya Poultry Project" today. Funding received by IAFR for this project will be sent to the IDP women's co-op through our partners at NCCK. IAFR staff will visit the project site at least twice a year as due diligence. We look forward to our upcoming October visit to meet with the women and see how the project is coming along!

Project Partners: IDP Women Co-op, National Council of Churches, Kenya

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