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Equipping and supporting effective ministry among refugees

IAFR Training

Perhaps you want to help people survive and recover from forced displacement, but you're not sure where to begin. Or maybe you are already serving refugees, but feel the need to be better equipped?

IAFR's training program will help you gain an in-depth understanding of refugee realities along with biblical perspective and cross-cultural tools to help you develop a ministry strategy well-suited to your unique context.

While our complete on site training requires 3 days, we are able to break it down into shorter segments to better work with your schedule. Learn more about our training and upcoming training opportunities below.

IAFR Training

Refugee Realities

Gain an in-depth understanding of the global refugee crisis.

Biblical Perspective

Develop a biblical perspective concerning issues related to refugees and forced displacement.

Recovery Work

Learn how you can help people recover from the trauma of forced displacement.

Ministry Strategy

Develop a contextualized strategy to help people survive and recover from forced displacement.
IAFR missionaries bring a wealth of front-line refugee ministry experience and perspective to our training and consulting work that is highly sought out by churches, agencies and practioners around the world.

Training Calendar

Upcoming training opportunities, conferences, workshops and speaking engagements are listed below. Click on a heading to learn details of an event.

1 April 2017 | Bethany Global University (MN)

Date: 1 April 2017
Event: Mission's Conference
Location: Bethany Global University, MN
Times: 9:30 AM and 10:45 AM

IAFR Director of Church Training, Rachel Uthmann, will offer a seminar titled "Introduction to Refugee Ministry" twice in the morning.

21-23 April 2017 | Mission Leadership Forum (CT)

Dates: 21-23 April 2017
Event: Mission Leadership Forum
Event Host: Overseas Ministries Study Center (OMSC)

Theme: Misssion and Refugees: Crisis and Opportunity
Location: OMSC

A dynamic group of speakers will address this issue from various perspectives. Speakers include:
  • Chris George, Executive Director, Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (New Haven, CT)
  • Judith Mayotte, Author and Ethicist, Disposable People? The Plight of Refugees (Orbis)
  • Rachel Uthmann, Director of Training, International Association for Refugees

25 June 2017 | Northwood Church (MN)

Date: 26 June 2017
Event: World Refugee Sunday
Event Host: Northwood Church

Theme: The Refugee Crisis and the Unique Role of the Church
Location: Northwood Church

Tom Albinson will be the guest speaker.

16 July 2017 | 1st Covenant Church, St. Paul (MN)

Date: 16 July 2017
Event: Twin Cities Refugee Day
Event Host: 1st Covenant Church, St. Paul

Theme: The Call to Care for the Stranger
Location: 1st Covenant Church, St. Paul, MN

Tom Albinson will be the guest speaker.

28-30 June 2017 | Stott-Bediako Forum (Ghana)

Date: 28-30 June 2017
Event: Stott-Bediako Forum
Theme: The Refugee Crisis: A Shared Human Condition
Location: Akrofi-Christaller Institute for Theology, Mission, and Culture in Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana
Registration: By invitation only

IAFR President, Tom Albinson, will be speaking on "The Unique and Essential Role That The Church Can Play in Recovery From Forced Displacement" at this conference of academics and practitioners hosted by International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation (INFEMIT)

26-28 July 2017 | North American Refugee Round Table (TX)

Date: 26-28 July 2017
Event: North American Refugee Round Table
Event Host: The Refugee Highway Partnership - North American Region

Theme: Love Ignited
Location: Irving Bible Church, Irving, TX

The North American Region of the Refugee Highway Partnership will convene for its 9th annual Round Table that will bring hundreds of Christians together who share a common interest in the welfare of refugees. Featured speakers include Tom Albinson, Stephan Bauman,and Vickie Reddy.

Several IAFR teammates will also lead table talks during the Round Table. More details forthcoming.

15-18 October 2017 | Crisis Publishing Initiative (Hungary)

Date: 15-18 October 2017
Event: Crisis Publishing Initiative
Location: Sopron, Hungary
Registration: By invitation only

IAFR President, Tom Albinson, will lead 2 workshops. One will present a biblically informed view of forced displacement and a global perspective on refugee ministry. The other will be done in partnership with a journalist exploring how the humanitarian sector and journalists can find common understanding of one another's roles, contributions, needs and interests.

Learn more at Crisis Publishing Initiative

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There are over 65 million forcibly displaced children, women and men in the world. That's 1 in every 113 people alive today. Another 34,000 people are uprooted every day. The last time there were this many refugees was during World War 2.
Three reasons why we refuse to lose hope.
First, God is alive and well along the refugee highway today. Second, Refugees are more than people in need. They are an important part of the solution. And third, God has begun a worldwide movement of his people to welcome and love refugees.

Learn more below.
Discover how you can help refugees survive and recover from forced displacement by providing them with shelter, water, Bibles, church buildings, schools, specialized training and more!
Whether by joining the support team of one of our missionaries or by joining one of our teams yourself, you can show up in the lives of refugees. Explore the unique work of IAFR in Africa, Europe and the USA.
When it comes to helping people survive and recover from forced displacement, our team is our greatest asset. We think you will agree. Get to know the IAFR team now.

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