Map of the Refugee Highway

2016 Map of the Refugee Highway

The Official Map of the Refugee Highway Partnership

IAFR designed this stunning and informative poster to raise awareness about the realities of the Refugee Highway and of our mandate to love the alien as we love ourselves. Perfect for churches, class rooms, dorm rooms and the office.

Click the map image above to download a standard resolution PDF file of the poster (5 MB) - ideal for projection and presentations. We recommend choosing a higher resolution version below for professional printing.

For professional printing (e.g. FedEx Office), we offer the map in high resolution JPG and PDF format. Choose a version below that best suits your needs.


  • HIGH RESOLUTION file for high quality printing of the poster (prints up to 36" x 27"). Fast internet connection recommended. File size: 157 MB. If this file size is too big, we recommend downloading the JPG version of the poster below.
  • STANDARD RESOLUTION file of the poster. File size: 5 MB. This is the smallest file size and is well-suited for projection. Print quality is fair.


  • HIGH RESOLUTION file of the poster for high quality printing (prints up to 36" x 27"). Fast internet connection recommended.! File size 33 MB.


  • Click here to download the companion DISCUSSION GUIDE to help you unpack the map.
  • Click here for detailed CREDITS AND SOURCE INFORMATION.

Map version: June 2016

IAFR is grateful to our donors that make the research, development and distribution of the Map of the Refugee Highway possible.

IAFR is seeking the welfare of forcibly displaced people together with the church.