helping people survive and recover from forced displacement through Small Business Ventures


We are supporting small scale business ventures for refugees and members of the host community near Dzaleka Refugee Camp. Through investing in these business ideas we hope to create greater food and health security for the individuals and families operating these businesses as well as to influence job creation in the region.

Need: In Malawi, more than half the population lives on less than one US dollar a day. Estimates say as high as 85% of people still live as subsistence farmers, surviving season by season by growing the food they need for household use. Limited capital often means that businesses or ambitions never take off. But we know this does not mean there are not any good business ideas or entrepreneurs in the community. We have met many people who are operating successful businesses in the area, who employ multiple people and give back to their churches and other community initiatives in many ways.

Goal:  Our goal is to invest in 3-5 businesses each year in the Dzaleka region. We estimate each small scale investment to be $800 or less.

Strategy: IAFR will partner with our friends at There Is Hope in this project. There Is Hope will provide us with an initial stage of vetting and research of business ideas and once completed, we will work together to prioritize and select business proposals that will receive funding from IAFR. Together we will monitor the progress of the businesses over the course of 1-2 years and we will visit recipients during our annual trips to Malawi to get feedback and updates from the proposals we support.

Opportunity: You can make a direct impact in the life of a refugee or host community family by supporting their business development goals. Click the donate link for more information about how to give online or via check.

Project Partners: There Is Hope Malawi

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