helping people survive and recover from forced displacement through Vocational Training


We are helping provide job skill training in carpentry, brick-laying, tailoring, welding and other relevant skills for refugees and members of the host community near Dzaleka.

Need: Officials in Dzaleka Refugee Camp and the Dowa District Government of Malawi have acknowledged the lack of opportunities for skills training in the region. Such training programs have been made a priority for investment by the National government in Malawi and they have been recognized as an area of focus by the UNCHR in their new Global Compact on refugees and forced migration. The local economy is starving for skilled workers in these vocations. This has been confirmed to IAFR by our partners at There Is Hope, from our church connections, and from other stakeholders in the community. We believe this is a critical way to help create greater economic stability for refugees and members of the host community, especially youth.

Goal: In 2017 we supported the launch of an Advanced Carpentry training class, and we are excited to say the first class started with 12 students learning advanced skills in this field. Our desire is to continue to partner with There Is Hope in sponsoring as many students as possible each year in the areas of carpentry, tailoring, brick-laying, welding, plumbing and more. We estimate the cost of one student to be $450 to complete a 6 month training course in one of the skills.

Strategy: These vocational training classes are open to all members of the community and are focused on training people in skills that are directly applicable to the local economy for immediate job creation and income generation. Our partners at There Is Hope have been operating their vocational training programs now for nearly 4 years and they have developed a very strong reputation in the community due to their committed efforts at maintaining the highest standards for graduates. Their programs are also certified by the government and meet international standards for certifications in each of these skills. We visit the classes and talk with the students during our regular visits to Malawi.

Progress: As of 7/2019 we have helped 33 students complete their training in the vocational skill of their choice.

Opportunity: You can help support the job training of one student in a skill that will give them the best chance for immediate employment in the local economy. Click the donate link and help support this excellent program today!

Project Partners: There Is Hope Malawi

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