Refugee Centre (France)

Helping people recover from forced displacement by offering community


We are working together with French churches to extend community and support to asylum-seekers and refugees in Lille, France.

There is a great need for ministry centres in France in which refugees feel welcome and have opportunity to receive helpful information and personal support - places in which local churches can connect with refugees in ways that offer community, bring hope and strengthen faith.

Context: In their desperate search for refuge, many refugees and asylum seekers make their way across northern France. For many, their ultimate hope is to reach England. But few succeed. They end up stuck - at a dead end.

Many end up in the region's capital city, Lille, where they navigate the process of seeking asylum in France. They live with uncertainty about the future and sometimes in severe conditions.

Need: These displaced women, children and men not only need documents and shelter - they need opportunity to meet trustworthy people who can help them begin to rebuild their lives. They have many questions about their future and few places to which they can turn to try and find answers. Some refugees are Christians and they long for places in which they can worship and pray.  French Christians need places in which they can meet refugees and extend help and welcoming community.

Goal: We received generous support enabling us to expand the center. But we still need about $7000 of annual support to operate the centre.

Strategy: We collaborate with local volunteers, churches, and associations to operate the Lille Ministry Centre. We are inviting Christians from the church-at-large to join us as financial partners.

Opportunity: Give to the Refugee Centre Project - France to keep the doors open. By doing so, you will show your solidarity with refugees and churches in Lille and help our friends recover from displacement and begin to rebuild their lives.

Project Partners: Various local churches and associations

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