Shelter for Refugees (Kenya)

helping people survive forced displacement by providing shelter


We are helping provide shelter for refugees and internally displaced people (IDP) in Kakuma, Kenya.

Need: Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans were displaced by post-election violence in 2007. Over 2,000 of these women, children and men are living in the extremely difficult conditions of Turkana West IDP Camp in remote northwestern Kenya, on the outskirts of the town of Kakuma town. They are in desperate need of shelter. While the government and humanitarian agencies focus on caring for the 200,000 refugees in a nearby refugee camp, the basic needs of the IDP go largely unmet.

Goal: We are praying and working to provide 351 shelters for the IDP. Thanks to generous response of IAFR financial partners and the recent engagement of the Kenyan government, there is presently need for 50 more IDP shelters to meet our goal. But there is a growing need for shelters in Kakuma refugee camp as well. The UN had to seriously cut back its funding of refugee services due to a recent decline in international support. IAFR partner, National Council of Churches (NCCK), is the NGO responsible for providing refugees with shelter and has asked IAFR to assistance. Indeed, the need is great. We therefore intend to continue the shelter project after we've met our goal in the IDP camp. Our initial goal is to provide 50 refugee shelters before the end of 2018.

Strategy: IAFR is partnering with National Council of Churches, Kenya (NCCK), as they are the humanitarian agency responsible for building refugee shelters in Kakuma camp. Funding raised by IAFR for this project is sent to NCCK for the purpose of building shelters in the IDP camp.

Opportunity: Every US$ 700 received for this project will build a new shelter and put a roof over the head of 4-6 people in the IDP camp.

Progress: We have provided 142 Shelters as of 1/2019.

Project Partner: National Council of Churches, KenyaTyndale House Foundation, Northwood Community Church

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