Helping people survive and recover from forced displacement

"When there is great darkness, there is even greater opportunity for light to shine." -Kelsey Briggs, IAFR Ventimiglia

Our Mission

We serve people in Ventimiglia in ways that help them survive and recover from forced displacement.

Our priorities include offering refugees and asylum seekers safe and supportive community along with pastoral support so that they know that God sees, hears and cares for them.

From a foundation of relationships of trust, we are helping refugees recover their dignity and find safe community, life-giving faith and solutions to their displacement.

To this end, we partner with local churches, organizations, and individuals.

Ministry Context

As the last major city before the French border, Ventimiglia acts as a gateway to northern Europe. Italian authorities keep a watchful eye on all that happens here.

Refugees and asylum seekers often end up in Ventimiglia after they have run out of options. They often speak of Ventimiglia as their last hope of finding a place in Europe that will accept them. Most have endured long and traumatic journeys before reaching this coastal city.

Daily life is tough. Refugees struggle to find shelter and food. As few are permitted to stay, they are forced to try and figure out their next move in their search for safety and a normal life. They are vulnerable to people who would exploit them, including human traffickers.

While the majority of refugees and asylum seekers are young men, there are also women and children needing practical help and a trusted friend.


IAFR is in pioneering mode when it comes to developing the work in Ventimiglia. Exploratory visits have enabled us to get a basic understanding of the challenges and needs facing refugees here. We've also connected with a handful of exceptional people and a local church that are doing what they can to help refugees.

There is clearly much more that needs to be done.

Kelsey Briggs joined IAFR in 2018 to help pioneer this important ministry. She is presently in the US raising support. She hopes to relocate to Italy in early 2019, learn Italian and then move to Ventimiglia to start the work.

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Next Steps

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