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A new meme to share!

Meme i was a stranger web

We just added this meme to our gallery in the IAFR Toolbox. The photo was taken in northern France. IAFR's Paul Sydnor was visiting an abandoned building in which hundreds of homeless asylum-seekers had taken up temporary residence. They had nowhere else to go.

We hope that you will copy and share it widely with your social networks! By doing so, you will be helping create space in the hearts and minds of others for refugees and asylum-seekers in the world. And unless we expand such space within people, we will never seek it expand in our societies.

You probably recognize these to be the words of Jesus (see Matthew 25:31-46). Welcoming the stranger is an indespensible marker in the lives of those who follow Jesus.

What stranger must I welcome?

We sometimes hear people try to put limits on these words of Jesus. Some claim that he was only including fellow Christians within the scope of this statement. But doesn't that sound a lot like the person who once asked Jesus "Who is my neighbor?" (see Luke 10:25-37). Jesus's answer exposed how his question was actually trying to identify who he did not have to love in response to God's command "to love our neighbor as we love ourselves".

When Jesus calls us to welcome strangers into our space, he cannot be understood to be saying we are to somehow only welcome the strangers we already know. Such people are not strangers at all.

Refugees, asylum-seekers and internally displaced people are among the world's most vulnerable strangers. They have been ripped out of their place in the world and are in need of welcome from people to whom they are strangers. And Jesus calls us to make room for them in our spaces and places.

It is by welcoming them that the kingdom of God will grow.

A tool for you!

meme 37k newly displaced

We know that you want to help create space in the minds and hearts of others for refugees and asylum-seekers. So we're creating memes (like this one) for you to share from your social media platforms.

There is a lot of fake and misleading news out there when it comes to refugees and asylum-seekers. We've done our homework. We know the realities of the refugee highway and so we want to partner with you in doing our part to speak truth into related conversations. Our forcibly displaced friends are counting on us to represent them.

Pass it on!

And check out our other memes in the Toolbox!

Are You Ready for the Deep Dive?

At IAFR we believe God is calling the Church to actively engage with those who find themselves fleeing from hatred and violence around the world. We want to leverage our ministry experience and internal resources to help people love their refugee and asylum-seeker neighbors in life-giving and sustainable ways.

If you would like to deepen your understanding of the issues of forced displacement and be equipped to develop or strengthen a refugee ministry in your context, please consider joining us January 16-20, 2020, for our "Refugee Ministry Foundations" training. This in-person training intensive will be held in Farmington, Minnesota (45 minutes from Minneapolis/St. Paul). Both those with prior experience and those with no prior refugee ministry experience are most welcome.

More details and registration information are available here.


What can I do?

Have you ever wondered what you can do when it comes to helping refugees in the world? We are going to explore some answers to that question during our upcoming FREE webinar! Information and registration below.

Date: 21 November 2019
Time: 1:00 PM CST (UTC -6 / Chicago time)
Theme: Is There Anything We Can Do? Responding to the Issue of Forced Displacement
Location: Online
Registration: Click here to register now!

Details:  When faced with the massive scale of an issue like forced migration today, many of us feel understandably overwhelmed. What is it that a church or an individual can do that would really make a meaningful difference in the midst of such suffering? What do we have to offer?

Join us for a webinar about responding to the needs of people fleeing humanitarian disasters. We will use IAFR's model of the 'Continuum of Response' to think about the kinds of help that are useful and how those needs intersect with the strength of local churches."


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